P92 Echo Classic

The P92 Echo Classic is a two-seat, single strut braced high wing aircraft.

The P92 Echo Classic was designed and manufactured according to the international airworthiness standards. This has been accomplished by one of the most renowned European Designers in the general aviation field, with the aid of modern planning instruments. 

The P92’s performance and flying qualities are so superior that it compares to aircraft certified under FAR/CS 23.

The excellent flying characteristic with neutral handling makes it extremely stable and easy to fly for people of any weight/height.

The large flaps are deployed electrically. The low stall speed and the general slow flying characteristics of the aircraft allow it to operate with ease on short runways.

性能數據:The top and bottom engine cowls are quickly and easily removed making any maintenance procedure faster to accomplish.
The top cowl has a large opening for easy access to the engine compartment for effective pre-flight inspections.
The engine is mount is Cro-Moly steel-tubing with shock mounts.
The firewall is soundproofed.
Two power plant options are available: Rotax 912UL 80HP four-cylinder, four-stroke engine and Rotax 912 ULS 100HP four-cylinder, four-stroke engine.
The engine is a liquid and air cooled engine with an integrated 1:2.4286 reduction gear.
A fixed pitch wood and composite propeller comes standard.
The quick drain gascolator is installed in the engine compartment with easy access.
The battery is located in the rear of the fuselage with easy access through a hinged door.

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